Our journal shares ideas, news and publications that sit alongside our everyday studio practice.

As a studio we are continually questioning new ways in which we might experience space. Through our commercial projects, we seek to find new forms of spatial interaction and contemplation, whilst through our research and experimental projects, we aim to further critically explore the role of spatial design to make us more aware of our environment and its multiple spheres of experience (digital / material / social / cultural). Through the research arm of the studio, we aim to project forward towards a future of more experimental -and conscious- ways of creating and experiencing collective spaces.

Digital Spaces
Enviromental Awareness
Future of retail
Future spaces for awareness

RCA Interior Design x Robert Storey

RCA Inside Out Lecture Series x Robert Storey

RCA Insta/Out x Robert Storey

Justyna Green x Robert Storey

Holly Hay & Robert Storey

Refurbished Victorian Flat

Victoria & Albert Museum

The Financial Times x Robert Storey

Storey Studio design

Concéntrico Festival 06

Robert Storey in Logroño

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